Template Static Elements


<img width=’100’ height=’50’ src=’image-uuid:1abd7329-86f1-4f90-81e7-37ea26fcb3a9’ hash=’aaf24fa42dg42gd42sgd2s2gsd’/>

<img width=’100’ height=’50’ src=’’/>

Hash - is a necessary attribute in order to confirm the veracity of the image during the signing flow.

There are 2 types of images:
1. Image uploaded to the platform
2. Base64 version of image

URL is not allowed for image source! Instead please download the picture and upload to the platform using API:

POST /api/v1/template/image
response {
    "imageUuid" : "UUID",  //UUID of image
    "src" : "string",      //src for img tag in format "image-uuid:1abd7329-86f1-4f90-81e7-37ea26fcb3a9"
    "hash": "string"       //hash of the image

GET /api/v1/template/{uuid}/image?imageUuid={required}&envelopeUuid={optional}