Approve management

In this section we will discuss the following topics:

  1. How to Manage Approvals

  2. How to filter Approvals

  3. How to use Approvals folders

  4. How to check Approvals Flow

  5. How to complete or reject envelopes

Approval is a module with the functionality of viewing the list, filter and search the list of envelopes for approval.

  • Access to this menu is possible only in the presence of appropriate permissions

  • At this page user can watch folders (in left side)

  • Filters and search which user can use (in top side)

  • At the main screen user can watch table with envelopes list respectively to filters has been set or search query

  • Page url is automatically set filters, so user can copy/send page URL to another user, and user can watch filtered content from url

  • At the bottom of page user can watch paginator for change listing page

  • When you click on the status in the tooltip displays the entire history of the approval flow of the envelope

  • When user click show more button in tooltip, comments of approvers open for user

How to approve or reject several approvals

On the approval list presented special functionality to approve or reject several approvals. To do this open tab “To approve” or “Urgent” select respective approvals you want to process and click on respective “Approve” or “Reject” icon in the table header. After this action modal window with comment area and confirmation button will appear. Add comment or leave it empty and confirm action. As soon as all approvals will be processed results will be displayed in the modal window.