Attachment Field

Attachment field - is a field where user who assigned to this field can upload file. Each user who have access to this envelope can download any attachment files.

Attachment template field

To add attachment field to template drag and drop this field from the fields bar to the document. After that need fill in field properties:

  1. Type field name

  2. Select receiver role who will fill in this field

  3. Type placeholder(optional)

  4. Select file extensions

File extensions provide restriction what type of document can be uploaded to this field. Our system support to upload files with next extensions: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx, txt, png, jpg, jpeg, zip. Depends on of your selection in file extensions, type of uploaded files can be limited.

File extensions selection:

  1. All - can be uploaded any files with supported extensions

  2. Document: pdf, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx

  3. Image: png, jpg, jpeg

  4. Archive: zip

Attachment envelope field

For upload file to attachment field you should click on this field, after that will be open file explorer where you can select file which you want upload. You able to upload only one file to one attachment field. Maximum file size 5 MB, size of all uploaded files in one envelope limited by 25 MB.