Password policies

Password policies are strict regulations of password content. Next policies are used on the platform:

  1. Password must be at least eight characters long

  2. Password should not be easily guessed (the password should not include a repeating sequence of any characters, as “111111”, “aaaaaa”, “12345”, “qwerty”, “йцукен”, etc.)

  3. Password should not include easily selectable combinations of symbols (first names, surnames, names, nicknames of pets, dates of birth, etc.) and generally accepted abbreviations (computer, LAN, USER, etc.)

  4. Password must contain characters from following categories:
    1. Uppercase English letters (A-Z)

    2. Lowercase English letters (a-z)

    3. Numbers (0-9)

  5. Password can’t be reused for 12 month (default configurable value)

  6. 5 last passwords can’t be reused (default configurable value)

  7. If password wasn’t updated for 90 days (default configurable value), user account will be blocked