How to create, edit and manage template?

Template it’s an entity of the platform which can contain one or more documents inside and using template customers can create envelopes.

How to create template?

To create template you have to follow to the next steps:

  1. Open template list

  2. Click on button “New template”

  3. Fill in obligatory fields as Template subject and message within right side bar menu “Template”

  4. Configure processing flow of the template. How to configure processing flow and what is it you can find by the link

  5. Add fields to document or create new one documents according to the role in the flow to the document

  6. Click on “Save” button to save template on platform

How to edit template?

If you want to add some changes to template or documents inside template you have to do the following:

  1. Open template list

  2. Click on template options icon against template you want to edit

  3. Select “Edit” option from the list to open template configuration form

Now you can make you changes. To save you changes click on button “Save” on the template editor page.