AS2 protocol

Connection properties

To connect to AS2 server customer should use autogenerated data and fill in required data on recipient side from integration page /admin/integrations/list

  1. Self URL - url of WhiteDoc AS2 server

  2. Self certificate - certificate of AS2 server

  3. Self ID - self ID of connection to AS2 server

  4. Recipient URL - connection URL to AS2 server (files will be sent here)

  5. Recipient certificate - AS2 server recipient certificate

  6. Recipient ID - recipient ID of connection to AS2 server

  7. Recipient email - optional param of recipient email

  8. Encryption algorithm - optional param of encryption, by default 3des is used

  9. Signing algorithm - optional param of signing algorithm, by default md5 is used

Notes for using

Customer can use different data exchange formats on AS2 server and it’s defined by AS2 server configuration. WhiteDoc doesn’t know specific folder on AS2 server where to put data.