How to sign document with SmartId

To use smart id as a method of the signing documents you have to follow instructions below:

  1. Open envelope with required signatures

  2. Click on signature field in the document

  3. In modal window select SmartId as a method to sign document

  4. In the next modal window QR code will be displayed and you have to scan QR code using application Privat 24 or Privat 24 for business

As soon as you scanned QR code you have to follow the instructions in Privat 24 application. When things will be done in modal window QR code replaced with signature data

  1. Click on next button or select another signature or add stamp as needed

  2. You will see the list of documents you’re going to sign, if needed you can click on checkbox to select all documents in the envelope

  3. Proceed with signing, click on sign button and you will see one more QR code, make procedure as described in step 4 and all documents will be signed