Devices and screen sizes for work with platform

For convenient work with the service, the user must have one of 3 types of supporting devices:

  1. Desktop computer.

  2. Tablet.

  3. Mobile phone.

At the stage of initialization or / changing the screen resolution, the system checks whether the current screen resolution of the user is acceptable for further convenient work.

Screen size limits

1. Desktop

minWidth = 1440,

2. Tablet

minWidth = 756, maxWidth = 1439

3. Mobile

minWidth = 320, maxWidth = 755,

If the user uses a screen resolution that is not suitable for working with the service, he will see a dummy notification with instructions on what to do next.

User messages

1. If the user is using a desktop computer, they will be prompted to:

“Oops… Screen resolution you use is too small to work comfortable. Please, expand your browser window on full screen and decrease page scale: on Windows and Linux - press on Ctrl + Minus (-) on macOS - press on command button on keyboard + Minus (-) Thank you! We are working to solve this.”


2. If the user is using a mobile or tablet device, they will be prompted to change it orientation to album or portrait:

../../../_images/mobileLandscapeMsg.png ../../../_images/mobilePortraitMsg.png