Download or send to print the signed data

How to download the signed data

You can download the signature(s) of the document(s) when all participants with role “Signer” completed actions. You’re able to download particular document with signatures or whole envelope with all documents inside and all signatures inside. To do this:

  1. Check that envelope completed

  2. Open envelope

  3. Click on respective “download” button in the header, to download the full envelope with all signed documents

  1. Or click on respective “download” button ahead document name to download particular document with all signatures


As soon as you click on the document download button, archive with the documents will be uploaded. You can also download all envelopes en masse:

  1. Press button “Mailbox” on the left sidebar

  2. Choose envelopes which you want to download. You can download only completed envelopes

  3. Press button “Download completed envelopes” for downloading


What are you downloading?

You download the archive with the zip extension.

  • If you download a specific document.

Inside the archive will be a file with the extension .pdf, a file with the extension .xml, files with captions in .p7s format (qunatity of files depends on qunatity of signers nultiple twice for each document), signing certificate with .pdf extension and name: DocumentName.signatures.pdf. Where DocumentName it’s name of the document you downloaded and printable version of the document with .pdf extension which include visual expression of signatures and signing certificate in one file.

  • If you download the entire envelope.

There will be several folders inside the archive (if the envelope consists of several documents). Folder names match document names accordingly. Inside their folders are the above-mentioned files (pdf, xml and p7s), as well as an AuditTrail file.

The signing document certificate

In the signing document certificate you can find information about the document, signers, signs and stamps.

  1. Document information section contains

  • Envelope UUID - unique identifier of the envelope

  • Envelope subject - subject of the envelope to which document relates

  • Document ID - unique identifier of the document

  • Title of the document - sublject of the document

  • Date of the document - it is date of creation of envelope

  • Template UUID - unique identifier of the template by whcih envelope has been created

  • Template version - unique identifier of the template version

  • File name - name of the signed file

  • Number of signatures - quantity of the document signers

  • Electronic version of the document - link to the envelope on the web platform

  1. Section about the signer, sign and/or stamp contains (if it’s signature you will see key icon opposite table block with data and if it’s stamp you will see stamp icon opposite table block with data)

  • Owner - name of the signature owner

  • Organization - name of the organiztion to which signature belongs

  • Position - signer position in the compnay

  • DRFO(ITN)/EDRPOU - Identification code of signer or company

  • Certificate serial number - number of the certificate with which system can garantor identity of the signer

  • Date of signing - date of the signing document

  • File name - signed file with extension

  1. Explanation what is QES and instructions how to check validity of the QES


Printable version of the document

Printable version of the document you can get in two ways. First is described before and you can it download with signed data in archive. The second one is to open document to print from envelope page.

  1. As soon as document completed you will see icon “Print” near document

  1. You can click on it and document opens for print in PDF format

Document structure is:

  1. Document with signatures labels on first page

  1. Signing document sertificate without instructions and explanation (described in topic above)

Signature label contains the following information:

  1. Legal name of signer

  2. Type of signature or stamp (Advanced or qualified)

  3. ITN/EDRPOU/DRFO value, according to signature data

  4. Data and time of the signature set

  5. Certificate serial number according to legal data